The iDenture System

The Ivoclar Vivadent iDenture System

A history of removable innovation 

For over 100 years, we have been at the forefront of developing, manufacturing, delivering and supporting quality products the industry has come to know and trust.

With almost 40 million edentulous people in the US and with almost half of them wearing dentures more than 10 years old, you have an opportunity!

Creating opportunities with iDenture

Most patients don’t realise they have choices. The only difference in a patient wanting a premium denture and not wanting a premium denture is…information!

Most patients would be delighted to learn they could enjoy a “premium” denture experience for usually only about 10%-20% higher patient fee. And most clinicians are excited to learn they can provide a much better result and be more profitable creating premium dentures.

The goal: Prescribe more than a denture, prescribe a smile! 

iDenture can help you:

  • Increase patient awareness
  • By providing professional removable education
  • Provide the patient with an iDenture with superior aesthetics, function & fit
  • Make removable a profitable part of your business

The method: Education & Product Innovation

iDentures are restorations of outstanding quality that will meet even the highest requirements. With its optimally coordinated Ivoclar Vivadent brand products, professional marketing and bespoke education, iDenture is an attractive, comprehensive removable solution for the laboratory.

iDenture Education

In order to meet the requirements placed on brand dentures and to define a consistently high standard, Ivoclar Vivadent would like to invite you to attend a one-day iDenture introduction course. You will witness the fabrication of iDenture brand dentures and learn about the advantages that iDenture will bring to your laboratory.

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